Mobile App from Internal server push to store - wrong hostname

We created an mobile app on an internal environment and want to push this to the stores (iOS and Android) 

When our app is generated and the QR code is scanned to test the mobile app, the app wants to connect to an internal server name which is not public and therefore cannot be reached from outside the network (e.g internet). 

I think that this is a huge problem, that it is not possible to enter a url ( or hostname ) before the app will be generated, which will be incorporate into the ipa or apk file. 

Does anybody faced this same problem or are all mobile apps generated from the cloud installations? 

Your answer  is appreciated.


Hi Martin,

It is my understanding that each environment will generate its own app. The app that is pushed to the app stores should be generated in the production environment. The apps generated in lower environments will point to their respective environment's URL and therefore are only useful for testing.

Because of this, it is a good idea to have different application IDs for each environment and only use the production certificate and provisioning profile for the production environment.

Hi João,

Does this also mean that the app should be generated from the same URL as the app is going to contact? So from an externally reachable URL? Say I have a server in a DMZ that I can reach internally as srvprd, but externally from So e.g. Lifetime knows this server as srvprd, but customers reach it by What should I connect to to generate the app?

The URL that counts is the one configured in Service Center on the "Environment Configuration" section.

The way that you connect to the server is not relevant for the app generation.

João Rosado

Thanks for the follow-up question, Kilian.

I should have mentioned, in my original reply, that the generated app uses the URL specified in Service Center's Administration > Environment Configuration > Hostname, so it's actually configurable. This hostname should be the publically accessible name of your server; it's also used to generate email links.

Edit: João Rosado beat me to the finish line   

So incase the hostname is internal name it is impossible to have a connection... . 

Firewal -> DMZ -> Firewal -> internal server name . So by having all kinds of proxies and they only connection is an internal name, there is a problem...    ?  As this will be an mobile app for internal users only....   .. Anyone any ideas? 

Changing your hostname doesn't mean the server will become unavailable under its internal name. I don't see any reason you wouldn't change it, if you are exposing at least a front-end server to the internet.

Hi João, 

We are having the same problem currently I think...  And we have two external url's we use for our apps:

(Currently running in OutSystems Now)



Am I right in assuming that we can change the hostname (which currently is still set to the internal example "svrprd")  to "", generate the first app, and then change it to "", and then generate the second app? 

And this will not break the first app? :)

Also then would this affect access to web applications running internally like "/svrprd/Backoffice_EU ?