Mobile Scroll Event


Hi everyone,

I'm currently working in one application and I was wondering if there is any event on outsystems to check the position when the scrolls stops.

I know that outsystems has the event OnScrollEnding, but what I'm looking for is some event that is triggered whenever the user scrolls, so I can check the  screen position.

My goal is to mark some list items as read after they had been shown in the screen.

Do you know any solution to this problem?

Kind regards,

Armindo Carvalho

Hello Armindo,

I'm not aware of any action/event in OutSystems (for web development, at least), that is able to do what you wants.
But you can do this relatively easy with jQuery.

You can use *scrollTop to find the position of the top of the page, inside a scroll() 

$(window).scroll(function() {

You can use *scrollTop to find the position and than click on a hidden link to execute a screen action.

But I do not know if this will completely address what you wants to achieve.

* It seems scrollTop does not work all the time... If it does not work you can try document.scrollingElement.scrollTop, that seems to work at least on Firefox and Chrome.

But I didn't test this on a mobile application.