Advanced Query


Imagine that i'm trying to use an advanced query to do the following:

- I have a table in which i want to capture the CreatedBy and LastUpdatedBy for a record

- In order to get the name of the person, I two time link the user table, first time to get the name of the CreatedBy and second time of the LastUpdatedBy.

When using simple query it is very simple to set up the query so it joins the same table twice (because it automatically numbers the tables (user and user_2), but I don't know how to do that in advanced query.

Can someone give me a hint?

Hello Jonh.

In the advanced query, you can take full advantage of all the SQL syntax, because it's really just SQL.

So in the advanced query, you can do exactly the same as you did in the aggregate since the aggregate is just an accelerator and generates SQL statements.  

You can even take a look at the executed SQL after testing an aggregate if you have any doubt, like this sample: