Loading / waiting animation while waiting for the page to respond


I have a mobile app. On the screen I have a button that does some things but it takes a while to respond with the results. How can I create a loading / waiting widget that will be displaying on the screen while the user waits? Like the normal rotating circle that one always see when the computer is busy working on something? Currently my app is just not responding and the user don't know what is going on. Is there a standard mobile widget to use or a forge component?



Hi Vonnelize.

I don't think we have that pattern directly as you want, but you can easily take advantage of the React capabilities that P10 give us.

You can easily do something like this:

Then at the start of your action you'll assign that variable to True and after it ends, change it back to False:

Hope it helps.




Thank you! I implemented as you suggested and it is perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Much appreciated.

Hi Vonnelize.

Nice to know that it was useful for your use case.

you just add a circle image o how you make the animation? sorry for ask in this thread.

Add the following to the Style Classes property  of the Icon:

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"icon fa-spin"

You can use my component:


See detail tab for how-to.