Task box not showing in business process

Task box not visible in  business process.

I tried  to set active EPA  espace  but still its not showing.please  suggest.

Hey Anju, if you go to service center > Monitoring > processes and open the process business, is it locked? if it is, that's why task box isn't showing up


Hi Goncalo,

Below screen showing my process is locked but its not showing any option for unlock it

how we can do it


Ok if the process is locked then you need to unlock it, to do that just press on Process1 that you can see on the picture you put and you should go to a screen like this one. 

you just need to press the button Unlock Process

Click on Process1 first.

There will be an Unlock Process button there...

Yes  But when i am clicking on process  its remain on same screen not going to redirect that screen where unlock the process.its  really weird behavior i dont know why  this happening.