Is there any built-in way to create Tenant Admin User?

I know I can use Forge's Tenant Management module or programmatically...

But is there any built-in way to create Tenant Admin user in /Users or elsewhere?

We can only create Tenant in Service Center (Factory/espace/Users espace/tenant tab), but when I click on a tenant, I can only see Site Properties, Timer, and Application Phone tab.

Hi Harlin,

The users module is only for single tenant usage and there is no built-in way to manage multi-tenant users. 

If you want to manage multi-tenant users, you should build this module yourself (clone the Users eSpace for a jumpstart) or use the Tenant Management module from the Forge.

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Hi Remco,

According to

Users application is multi-tenant ready.

In fact, tenant admin user created using Forge's Tenant Management, can log into /Users and list tenant user (cannot see other tenant's) and can create new user (which is automatically assigned the same tenant_id as the logged on tenant admin).

But to do that we need to create tenant admin first, and it would be nice if Outsystems have built-in way to do it, without relying 3rd party Forge component.

It's not as I'm against Forge component/apps, but some of my banking clients are very picky and very concerned about security in Forge's component.

Hi Harlin,

As others mentioned, using the Multitenant Management tool, you can create new Tenants and automatically create an Admin user for that Tenant. You can also manage the users of any Tenant.

Hope this helps.


Hi Carlos,

I am well aware of Forge's Tenant Management.

But IMHO Outsystems should have a built-in way to do that also...

Some customers avoiding Forge component for 2 reason: security and consuming AOs.

Forge's Tenant Management is consuming 15 AOs, which is sure, relatively small (~4% of licensed AOs), but some customers are very nitpicky about AOs and security (they have to inspect thoroughly any component to make sure no data is sent outside).

Especially when they have little remaining AOs to be used and want to fit in a project.