[OfficeUtils] What is the format of produced Word files?


The question is: what is the exact format of Word files, that are produced by Word_Export_GenerateFile?

I need to convert the resulting Word files to PDF. I'm using Spire.Doc tool. It covers many Word formats but when I supply a file that has been created using OfficeUtils this tools says, that the input is in an incorrect format.

I've done an experiment:

  • I've created some Word document (properly recognized by Spire.Doc)
  • this file has ben supplied to OfficeUtils as a template
  • after that Spire.Doc couldn't recognize the result as a known format.

What can be the issue?



Hi Tomasz.

I would say that the format should be docx, so you can easily convert it to PDF with the tool you're using.

You can also check the demo page to see that docx is the format.



I'm adding an exemplary file. I've tried to convert this file using the official demo. The result is the message:

Failed in parsing file. This error maybe caused by incorrect file format or unsupported content.



That's really strange because this seems to be a simple docx.

Did you try to generate a new document only with text or so? 

By the error is thrown it seems to have some strange content inside the document that your tool doesn't support because the file is docx by no doubt.