Hi guys,

I'm with a problem to get Reports in PDF from data in my system. 

Check it Out:

I'm using "Simple Reports With PDF" which uses "Html To PDF Converter", the problem is that I need to convert a huge number of data. Follow the Print Screen of all the steps:

First, I verify if the number of data is bigger than 300, if FALSE, I call a WebScreen that is going to charge all data to be converted, if TRUE, I pass the current URL of the page and its parameters and after that I call the function Html To PDF Converter which will get the binnaries to convert to PDF:

The Crystal Reports receives the URL paremeter and calls "Generate PDF" from "HtmlToPdfConverter":

The "HtmlToPdfConverter" receives the URL parameter and converts the binnary data to PDF:

But, we are having problems at the moment we try to convert because we are getting the message "Request Timed Out" 

Have you ever get any problem like this one?  

Thank you in advance.

Hello beatriz, they have already done almost two months, have you solved this problem?