[DBCleaner] Add CommitTransaction after deleting 10 versions

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Published on 11 Mar by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 11 Mar by Johan den Ouden

I would like to make a suggestion:
- Add CommitTransaction after deleting 10 versions.

Deleting a lot of versions can take very long and has influence on developing.
When there is no commit the looking is very long because a long rollback is build by the database.

Great idea.

You can sign up to the team so you can make the changes yourself and publsih a new version? :)

I have made the changes in my local version. How could I join the team?


You can open Support page of application and there is button "Join the team"

I working on with this application and there are improvements of application. Can you accept my invitation, please?

This has been added in newest version.