Dear Outsystems

I have created a search bar that takes a request (api)  as the input.

When I debug integration I get back the required list but I am unable to display the list I am getting back with the response. 

How would on go about mimicking a "refresh" from the web platform on the mobile platform.

Kind Regards


From documentation:

To refresh only part of a screen on a mobile app:

  1. Add a button or link to the screen and set the event handler On Click to a new screen action.

  2. In the new screen action, modify the value of the data bound to the widgets displayed on the screen. For example, update the screen variables or refresh data from the database using the Refresh Data tool. The widgets automatically display the updated data without you having to explicitly do it.

So, in theory, most of time you don't need to do anything to refresh part of a screen in mobile, as changing the source data of a widget is enough to trigger the refresh automatically.

Hi Jauch

I am using the mobile app to interact solely with API's so essentially I cannot use "data refresh" button.

Maybe I should restate my question:

How can I setup a search bar that takes a request as an input and then displays the response of the API in a list.

At the moment I am getting the results back in the debugger but the list is not even rendering.

So. let me see if I understood.

You have a search bar, with an input field (is this correct or am I still not seeing?) that receives a request from the user (as input), sends the request to the API and it than returns the answer.

The answer is a list? Or is in another format?

Because if your List is assign to a variable (list), as soon as you update the source list, the on screen list will be updated automatically.