OutSystems MVP Program: Level 1 Completed

It’s been over a year since the OutSystems MVP Program was launched to recognise the group of talented developers—those masters of the OutSystems technology—who are always willing to help a community fellow in need. To those folks, what better name could we give them than OutSystems Most Valuable Professionals? (Only Super Dev would probably be as accurate.) 

And what a year it has been! Have you looked at the articles Justin James and Joost Landgraf have written? What about the meetups that Tiago Neves organised in London? Or are you waiting for the meetups that just started in São Paulo, organised by Rafael Pereira? And I bet Kilian has taken away some of your headaches… or maybe Evert? Truth is, all these efforts have taken the OutSystems world beyond the company’s walls. The MVPs have become a symbol of expertise and a reference for customers. In other words, the first year of the program couldn’t have been a bigger success. So, a big THANK YOU to our MVPs for transforming our community into a library of knowledge and a place to share experiences. 

It’s because we have the most awesome developers in the world gathered in our community, that we decided to revamp the MVP Program and significantly improve their journey through the OutSystems universe. Therefore, we’re proud to introduce OutSystems MVP Program 2.0. Here’s a sneak peek of how all this went down.

For OutSystems MVP 2.0 we wanted to adapt the program to the preferences and personality of each MVP. From writing articles to organizing events, or replying to questions on the forum, each MVP can choose the path he or she wants to follow to contribute in the community. Even better, each MVP will have exclusive rewards and benefits - spoiler alert! it includes privileged access to the OutSystems roadmap and release notes AND exclusive access to the product teams - how cool is that? 

Are you interested in joining us at OutSystems MVP Program level 2? Or do you just want to know more about it? Either way, take a look at our guidelines! The fun is just beginning.

And what a year it has been!

Actually, on a personal level, what a ride it has been since I first put my hands on OutSystems technology. I knew I was turning the page into a new chapter...

It is an honor to have been awarded as OutSystems MVP and join such a great bunch of people, my fellow MVPs. Above all, I believe that the upgraded OutSystems MVP Program will prove to be a significant incentive for many other developers out there. The exclusive rewards and benefits now given to MVPs actually include the requests (should I call it wishes?) of MVPs - the most amazing is that OutSystems actually listens and really cares about its community! I truly feel as part of a big family and hope that as the adoption of the technology grows that it will just mean a bigger family! Don't you guys let the world's dominance change that.

A big THANK YOU to the OutSystems team!