Silk UI Web reached 10K downloads!

Hey everyone!

We would like to share with you Silk UI Web’s most recent milestone: 10K downloads

Well, actually it’s over 10K now!

Since its first version (remember PRUMO?), Silk UI was a major part of almost every OutSystems project. Thanks to its beautiful themes with different layout options to the extensive library of over 80 patterns, developers were able to massively reduce the time spent writing CSS and building their own components for each project. 

It’s been an interesting journey so far. We’ve seen the birth of its younger sibling Silk UI Mobile as part of the product, and the continuous delivery of new features and patterns throughout monthly releases.

Silk UI will continue to improve and open a whole new way of thinking about developing by composition. We want to make developers life easier, stay tuned :)

As you know, the Silk team is always happy to hear your feedback, so keep it coming!

Use the official forum topics to share your suggestions!

Congratulations to all the SILK team!

Keep up the good work!   

Congrats Team