I'm trying to read a file from a shared folder on a remote server.

I've found the the extension Network FileSystem but also this two articles: How to: Setting up Application's access to file systems and eSpace Run As

I would prefer to not use the extension and create a user for the application.

The problema is I'm not seeing where I create the user. I'm using the cloud version of Outsystems 9.1.

Do I need to open a ticket to Support so they can create the user or is there a hidden option that I've completely missed?

Are there any other forge componentes where I can impersonate a user and have access to the filesystem?



I'm fairly sure there is no option to create a operating system user on a cloud installation, so you are correct: either you use the extension, or you open a support ticket.

I don't know any other components that will help you, in this scenario.

Already tried both those solutions, though not on cloud, and the extension is your best option.

Hi Marcelo,

How do you think the extension to get the file from shared server , i am thinking about shared server access from cloud as i never had this kind of scenario. 

@Carlos - Please share your solution once you are done.




I've created an extension suited to my needs where I impersonate a user and do all the necessary operations with it.

I used this sample code with a slight modification in the Impersonator class, on the logon type from Interactive to NewCredentials.

Hope it helps!   


Thanks Carlos,

i Will look into it.