ListRecords sometimes encapsulate item with ,interfering with jQueryUI Sortable

Please help, ListRecords sometimes encapsulate item with <span> tag and interfering with jQuery UI Sortable.

It should be <div> with nid that is given ui-sortable-handle class, but instead is given to <span> tag.

In my other screen (same module) with same setup using CardSimple pattern, this does not occurs, and jquery ui sortable works fine.


Hi Harlin.

The list records encapsulates items if you perform any ajax operation on the list. When you use the ajax refresh with a list records, you can refresh just a single item on the list, by using the Row Number property of the ajax refresh. When you use the ListAppend or ListInsert with the record list, this also affects a single item on the list.

For those operations to work, OutSystems needs to include a markup to delimit the items. That's why the <span> is added.

I am not aware of a workaround that does not involve removing the ajax refresh code, or maybe refreshing the whole list instead of a single item.


Wow you're the best...

I removed AJAX Refresh and instead using Destination node to refresh whole page, and jQuery UI Sortable works wonderfully now...

Thank you very much...

Yes Leonardo is the best, I had this same problem and I resolved with this tip. And to keep my user experience just encapsulate ListRecords inside the container and point AjaxRefresh directly on container.