Query timeouts


I have a few advanced queries in a couple of espaces that cause timeouts because they take too long. The only way for me to get the data is to run the query in sql server query analyzer. The query takes about 1:40 minutes there. Is there any way I can increase the timout time for the espace or query so that the query will run all the way through?
I just saw that my College Jurriaan posted the same question on the forum this morning. Sorry for the spamming. But is there no other way than suggested in that topic?
Hi all,

Timeout problems may occur at different levels:

- Processing a page request;
- Queering a database;
- Accessing a remote system, either via a Web Service or an Extension;

All of these kind of timeouts must be avoided to ensure adequate scalability. If any of them occurs, it is probable that one of your system components will stall and impact other applications or users.

As an example, database timeouts may lead to high CPU or memory usage rates. Other queries running simultaneously are seriously impacted in those situations.

That's way it is always preferrable to optimize your queries (please refer to Tiago's post), your database or your application logic directly before increasing the queries timeout. It would probably lead to other problems.

One product feature that may interest you is the new Timer Timeout property. You can set it to execute time consuming business logic, possibly posting multiple queries to the database. Together with the WakeTimer action, it is a powerfull tool you may use to execute more complex tasks.
A complete description on how to use them can be found in the Timers and Asynchronous Processes Technical Note.

Would you like to give us some more details about your application? Maybe we can give a more detailed solution.
I would really like to see an option to select the timeout for each query individually. So that the timeout expired can be avoided for certain queries. In some cases it will not be possible to run certain queries even if everything has been optimized perfectly. Certain queries will take too long to run and will never be able to run in an espace because of the timeout.