Offline Development


I'm about to move to Antarctica for a year or so and internet will be very limited or not available at all for my personal computer. I'd like to keep developing web applications while I'm away. Is it possible to set up Outsystems so it can publish locally as opposed to the Outsystems cloud environment (just for use on my own machine)?

Any advice is appreciated!


There is an option. Install the "Platform Server 10.0.603.0" in your own environment ( provided you have all the needed hardware and software mentioned @ ) . And refer the IP of the server in your development enviornment,

You a need a valid license (which will cost you money) at your end to run Platform Server. 

Hi Chris,

There is no "local" version of the Platform, so you'll need to install it on a computer that has the requirements that Hus mentioned (which basically comes down to a portable server).

But I'd like to take the opportunity to state that it is completely awesome that you're thinking of using OS on a continent it probably hasn't been on before (apart from the awesomeness of going to Antarctica for a year) :). Good luck with whatever endeavour you are taking there!


Hi Chris,

Both Killian and Hus are right, but the team here would be really frustrated to let you go to Antarctica without taking OutSystems with you... We’d love to chat with you in private to better understand how we can help you out. And, yes, we will want you to mail us some very nice pictures of a developer low-coding in Antarctica...

Send me a PM to get the conversation started ;)




If you need an extra developer there, don't hesitate to call/reach/pm me :D

I like the reply of Mario. Thanks for all of us.