[Mobile] Interaction with API's

Dear Outsystems

I'm building a application that works solely with API's. The main problem I am having at the moment is that session variables are not used in mobile development. [I cannot use any local storage either]

For instance:

I am getting information for a specific member using a request on one screen.

How would I go about retaining that information I just got when I start on a new screen. 


I get member information using a request, now that information I just gathered will effect how the next screen will look depending on what member I just chose.

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You should save the relevant results of your API calls to Local Entities.

So, following your example, you would create a record on the LocalMember entity on the first screen and then you would query the LocalMember entity on the next screen. If you needed to call an API on your second screen, using information that you saved previously, you would do it in the OnAfterFetch handler of that query.

Edit: I just noticed you said you can't use local storage; maybe you could explain why, since i don't see why would you exclude that option, when it's the solution to your problem.


Hi João Pedro Abreu

Thank for the reply, is there any way of doing this without using Local Entities?

There is... but it's worse. You could serialize the response to JSON and save it to a global javascript variable, for example. I really don't see a reason why you would want to this, though.

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Do I have a local server. Where  do I start my API. I am new to everything, please send a link to my email. Thanks