[Drag And Drop Mobile] Long press

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Published on 2018-12-20 by Labs
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Published on 2018-12-20 by Labs

Is it possible to add the ability to only start dragging an item after the user performs a long press on an object?

Hello Jason.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will take a look into it to see if it's possible.


Samuel Jesus

Hi Samuel,

I'm in need of this same drag and drop feature (To enable drag on long press)
Is this issue solved?


Hello Tony!

We are currently working on that, and we're about to launch a new version with that feature! Stay tuned!




how can we drag and drop to change the order in the list. Like changing the order in the list. 

Could you send sample application

Hello Erhan,

Right now the component does not allow you to sort a list. 

The good news is that we are also working on that feature. Stay tuned for more news!.


Samuel Jesus


Hello guys,

Sorry for the long wait, but I'm here with good news.

We have launched a new version (v 2.0.0) with the features you have requested:

  • Sortable items
  • Long Press

We have also updated the documentation with these new functionalities.

Thank you for your patience and let us know if these features help you.