Extention upload differs from download

Dear Outsystems Community,

Can someone please tell me how the following works:

I created an extention in Integration Studio, with .NET and visual studio.
It uses Azure NuGet packaged libraries, added with the NuGet Manager. While working on the extention everything works as expected. Compile and Upload / 1 clk Publish works just fine.

Now, I close everything, VS & IS. I open again the extention from inside Service Studio: now all NuGet package references are gone. Sources are still ok. This is totally annoying.

Is this intended behaviour, or how can I get Integration Studio to save the NuGet dlls when publishing so that when I reopen the extention from Service Studio it remembers all the packages?




Hi Patrice,

In Integration Studio, on the Resource tabs, right click on the .dll file and make sure that 'Include extension' is selected:

This should fix your issue.

Make sure that you upload and publish the solution.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards.


Thanks Daniel, that helped.

The trick is including 'packages.config' in the extention.