Application cannot be safely installed

I'm learning OutSystems in a Personal Environment and I'm trying to learn how to use OneSignal for push notifications.  When I try to install the OneSignal Notification Demo from the Forge, I get this message that it cannot be safely installed:

My questions are:

  1. Why am I getting this message?
  2. How can I avoid it?
  3. What are the risks that it mentions, and what happens if I click "FORCE INSTALL"?
  4. Is there any additional guidance, demos or tutorials on how to use OneSignal for sending and acting upon received notifications?

Thank you!

  -- Joel

You are getting this message because the version you are trying to install is not compatible with the dependences it has that are installed on your system. If your system is up to date, this component is not. This can be due lack of maintenance of the component, for example.

You can try the force install. In theory, the worst can happen is the installation be aborted due errors, or the component not working properly.

The best it can happen is everything work.

In the component page in forge, you can see while versions and server requirements it has. If your personal is not up to date, in your home page in OutSystems website you can ask for an upgrade.

Hi Joel,

1. The error is fairly explicit: "One Signal Notification Demo is not compatible with the Silk UI Mobile you have currently installed."

2. It also explains how to solve it (without Force Installing the Demo): "Please upgrade Silk UI Mobile."

3. The risk of FORCE INSTALLing is that if the Application you are installing depends on something that changed in Silk UI Mobile, you might get strange behaviour or runtime errors. The risk of upgrading Silk UI Mobile is if it has changes that affect/break other applications you have installed in the environment.

4. This might be helpful:

Thank you for the quick responses.

Regarding #2, I do have the latest version of Silk UI Mobile installed, Version 1.4.1.  So it is already upgraded to the latest.

Regarding #4, Thank you for the link Jorge.  I did follow the guidance in that article, which explains the basics for setting up a push notification.  However, I need to find additional information on how to use the additional features of the push, as well as how to handle the received notifications and take actions based on them.

Regarding #2, if you have the most recent version of Silk UI Mobile installed, what Jauch said is valid: the Demo has a dependency on a previous version of Silk UI Mobile. You can FORCE INSTALL it in that case, problems would be constrained to the Application you're installing: either you won't be able to install in the first place or you will notice them at runtime only, but they shouldn't affect any other Application on your environment.

As for #4, these forum posts might help (or not, given they report problems with reacting to notifications with deep linking):