FeedBack Message Problem,Requesting Solution ASAP

FeedBack Message Problem,Requesting Solution ASAP


Good Morning

Situation: so, when i click a button it should open a feedback message but it doesn't. I inspected the html code and there is a error on the javascript, even tough i didn't implemented any of that on webscreen.

How can i solve this? in fact, how can i solve javascript type errors?

Hi Paulo.

Can you describe the scenario in a more technical way and also post the javascript error you're getting?


please provide more information, like a screenshot the javascript error 

What comes to mind:

- Did you add the feedbackmessage widget to the screen?

- did you add any javascript to that pages ?(which can fail and thus the other javascript would not be loaded)

- can you share a simple oml where it also occurs?

Basically,its this error. All i did was create a new webscreen and added a button with an action that triggers the feedback message(it's only thing in the action).

 When a user clicks the button it goes to the feedback message action but it doesn't show the message image.

i think the reason for what is happening its cause of a missing script, hence why i putted a print here:

I think that you didn't add the feedbackmessage widget to the screen (You can see it inside Richwidgets).

What theme/template are you using? Is that derived from SilkUI?

Please provide the oml, otherwise it's just guessing..

(and CAPS is not helping btw...)

Hi Paulo.

You might be confusing the Feedback_Message action with the Feedback_Message widget.

Here's the Feedback_Message action, which obviously you are using on your application:

Here's the Feedback_Message widget, which is a web block also found in the RichWidgets module:

For the action to work, the screen must include the widget. This is usually included in the Layout web block, so you don't need to think about it. But if you create your own theme, or create a screen that uses a different layout block, you might easily forget this dependency.

Try adding this widget to the end of your screen, or to the layout web block that it uses. If you continue facing the same problem, please attach your module so we can help you more effectively.