Outsystems.net forum? send message to a friend

Outsystems.net forum? send message to a friend


This forum's description is "general development in Service Studio". Where do I post suggestions about the outsystems.net extranet?

The default text of a 'send message to a friend' contains a spelling error:
"Jurriaan Kamer send you this message.", I think it should be with a 't'.
Wouldn't it also be nice to have a confirmation after you sent the mesage?


Dear Jurriaan:

Although the forum name is indeed "General Development " we think you might want to continue posting all your "General" issues regarding sugestions and opinions here. We are trying to avoid the multiplication of level one forums and, sometimes, we have to allow for some miss-catalogation ;)

If you whish to send us some more detailed feedback you feel is not relevant for other forum users please use the Feedback Tab, but please keep posting everything you think might be helpfull for the OutSystems community.

The error in the spelling is going to be corrected ASAP. Thank you again for all your feedback.

Best regards:

Miguel Baltazar