I inherited a project that already consumed Pushwoosh Plugin (P10 mobile app) and apparently the push notifications used to work (this was in jan/feb).

Currently the IOS push notifications does not work.

I followed the "how to" guides produced by OutSystems on implementing/configuring Pushwoosh and the generating of mobile apps (dev / production / enterprise apps - name it).

I have created new certificates, p12's, mobile provisioning files and still can't get it working on IOS.

Android is working perfectly.

From all the troubleshooting I've done so far, I know the following:

When I call "RegisterDevice" in my Login action, a PushToken is returned by the plugin. However, when I check in Pushwoosh, no device was registered.

When I call "UnRegisterDevice" in my Logout action, an error is raised:

Notifications Unregister Device Error: Cannot assign a JavaScript object with value null to an output parameter of type Text Check the JavaScript node 'UnregisterDevice' of the action 'UnregisterDevice'.

I have no idea how to go forward from here.

How do I know which version of the plugin is installed?

In the OS plugin's extensibility configurations the following plugin url is found:


Is this still a good release? From github it seems there are newer versions. Does this even matter? Or am I clutching at straws.


Hi CJ,

A few days ago we updated the Pushwoosh Plugin with fixes that might help you with your problem.

Can you please try to use this new version and see if the problem persists?

Thank You,

Bruno Grácio


Hi Bruno,

Sorry for my late reply. I've created a test app on my personal environment to test the new update and it is working now.


There is one thing I picked up:

When "unregistering" an IOS device, using UnregisterDevice client action (PushwooshPlugin), the device is unregistered in PW, but the entry in the OS Device entity (PushwooshNotificationsApi) is not deleted.

NOTE: The above-mentioned works fine when unregistering an android device.

Kind regards,