I'm implementing the Pushwoosh plugin and according to the "how to" doc it is a good idea to configure different PW applications for different enviros (dev vs test vs production).

The docs mention if you use a developer IOS certificate for the push notifications you have to set the "aps-environment" to "development" (application extensibility configuration in Service Studio).

If I deploy to production, which has a production IOS certificate how do I go about change the setting?

Normally we would use LifeTime to deploy to "production" environment and use Service Center to change application settings, site properties, mobile app configs, etc.

But I've not seen any place where I can change the extensibility config and Service Center.

Hi Cj,

Unfortunately, for this specific scenario you have to change it manually in your production environment.

There is no way of using the LifeTime to do this, but it's under our radar.

Thank You,

Bruno Grácio

Hi Bruno,

I hope it's on your radar ;).

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your response.