Should I use External table over Outsystems internal entities?

What are benefits using Outsystems entities (new) compared using existing table via External database connection?

I have existing table in Oracle and plan to develop new UI for the system using Outsystems.

For sure using external table we don't need migration effort....I know it would depend on complexity of existing system but nevertheless for generic information I need some thoughts on benefits using new Outsystems entities over external table. Or when to use external table over Outsystems entities?

Thanks in advance

Hi Eric,

If you have existing tables with lots of data, migrating might not be the best option. Of course, especially when these tables are still used by other applications, migrating is likely not an option at all.

The benefits of using OutSystems Entities is of course that you can easily manage them via Service Studio, adding Attributes, Indexes etc. when you need them.

HI Eric ,

Using external table via extension is an option to use them if required but using new entitles from Outsystems you can leverages all the benefits that platform provides you like you can easily create multitenent entities without doing much from your side and also when you use Outsyetms entities platform itself manages the tenant views in order to isolate the data and make the performance up.

By using Outsystems entities you will have full control over them and you dont need to update anything like you do in case of using external entities.