I have a table records with thousands of records. Is there a way with the List Navigation to get easily the 200000th record? Or any record existing in the 45098th line of the table of records.. thank you.


Hi Jorge,

I am not sure what you are doing here, can you please add some context?



well, I have a table records with over 20000 lines. Each page of the table of records shows 20 lines. If I want to access to the last line of the table with the typical list navigation, with the buttons PREVIOUS and NEXT, it would take 20 000/20 times to click in the NEXT button (of the list navigation widget9 to reach to the last line). There is no button called LAST or FIRST, or even a small box in the list navigation to write down the line we would like to check out. 


You can toy with the startIndex of TableRecords.

The list_navigation simply sets the value accordingly.

so if you want to have the 20Kth line, set the startindex accordingly

(basically calclulate the right pagenr and multiply it with linecount)

You simply have to add those first/last buttons yourself  (or clone and alter the list_navigation completely)

Perhaps there is already a forge component, not sure.


Hi Jorge,

Adding to what J. says, the List_Navigation internal variable cannot be set other than by using the public actions or buttons (and those don't allow you to do what you need...), but you can always clone RichWidgets and then adapt it to your needs (and maybe share it on the forge? or add some Ideas?)

Rather than looking for a technical solution here I would revise the design in this situation.

Looks to me that you need a different dialogue structure to drill down to the data you need.


I don't know if it will do what you want, but there's a component in the forge with the name 'Page Navigation (with extras)' that seems to do what you want

Hey Jorge,

From a user experience point of view, there are a few routes you could go.

  1. You could add pagination to the records and allow users to quick jump to a certain page in those records.
  2. You could allow users to search records to quickly find the one they are looking for
  3. You can allow sorting in records to quickly swap between ascending and descending sort options of varying criteria that makes things at the start and end of lists easier to find.
  4. If all rows of records are loaded onto one massive page you could add row numbers as anchors to the beginning of each row and create a function that allows you to jump to any specified row number. (See: "Create a Bookmark" in https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp )

Hope those ideas help,