LIfetime cannot sync apps

LIfetime cannot sync apps



My lifetime environment suddenly stoped syncronization with development environment, and for that,  all updates i made, cannot be published for the quality and production environments.

With Service studio, all modifications are saved on development, but for same reason, the lifetime don't syncronize with the development, and so, cannot catch the new changes and new versions.

Please help,

Fernando Oliveira 


The server where Lifetime is running must have network access to the development environment. I believe it connects to Service Center's web service to gather data, through ports 80/443.

Hope I'm not stating the obvious but check if you can reach service center web page from the server where the Lifetime role is deployed.

Hope this sets you up in the right direction.

EDIT: Meanwhile found this post with so much more info on this subject:

Hi Fernando,

If Lifetime is still pending synchronisation, have you taken a look into the logs on Service Center of the Lifetime environment? Were there any changes recently, in terms of authentication or security settings?

Hi all,

From lifetime i can get to all  environments (included dev).

I made a small change on the reverse proxy, for that all environments also can be call by other url name.

Explaining, in the past, i had :,, and

On reverseproxy (TMG) i setup for that the solution also can resolve these new names:,, and

And all works, i can get to all environments with the new url name, as well as from servicestudio. Only this issue with lifetime, and only discovered when has the need to publish new changes.

On lifetime i have this error (attachment) from eSpace LifetimeEngine.

Thanks by the help,

Fernando Oliveira

Hi Fernando,

I was asking if you changed something in Authentication or Security Settings. Haven't you made any changes related to HTTPS or SSL certificates? It looks like Lifetime is making a call on http to an environment that only accepts https. By the way, which version are you on?

It might be easier to open a ticket to OutSystems support, as you probably need to share some private information to solve this, which is not recommended here. Anyway, let us know what details you can provide about my questions above.

Hi Tiago, 

Thanks by the help. 

I already fixed the problem. On lifetime, i registered the same dev environment with the new name, and for now it seems that all works.

Thanks Again,

Fernando Oliveira