More than one gateway

More than one gateway


Is it possible to configure more than one SMS gateway? I've created a modified SMSGatewayAdapter.dll to support a 3rd party gateway, but what if I need to support another gateway at the same time?

You ca use several SMS gateways using a single custom SMS Gateway Adaptor that redirects to the proper gateway based on the SMS Connection property.

To set SMS Screens connection property in your eSpace you can, in screens preparation, use an assign node and set SMS.Connection to a custom string.

The custom SMS Gateway Adapter should look like:

public SubmitResult Process( MobileTerminatedMessage msg, out string resultMessage) {
if( msg.Connection.ToLower() == "gateway1") {
return CustomGateway1Process( msg, out resultMessage);
} else {
return CustomGateway2Process( msg, out resultMessage);

For more information please refer to:
3rd Party SMS Gateway Integration - OutSystems Technical Note.mht

If you need further assistance please let us know.