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Published on 22 Oct (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 22 Oct (3 weeks ago) by OutSystems R&D


I was just wondering if there is any way we can use the floating actions on the web or if there is anything similar to it available.

Currently the floating actions are only on the mobile. See below


Hi Hasani,

Why would you use this UI pattern for a web application? This is typically a pattern used for mobile devices, when space is limited and you also want to display an actionable button/menu. So from UX point of view there are better options to go for.
For example an actionmenu nearby the table or widget you want the actions to be targeted to.

Hope this helps you making a better choice ;)



Hi Jasper,

thanks for your response, I was just thinking of maybe using this when viewing the website on a mobile browser where space is more limited.

Also this maybe a different pattern but I noticed something similar on this  very site when I am typing a reply. It comes up as a "Quick Insert"

See the Image below, something like this is what i had in mind.


Oh yes, I see what you mean. But then it's not in the right bottom corner of the screen, but near the component it's used on (in this case the textarea). Hmm.....I don't think there's a Silk UI component for that :(


Ok cool, that is disappointing,  

OutSystems forums are using components that are not a part of Silk UI, maybe it should be added.

Thanks a lot for your help though.

Is there something that would appear at the right bottom area of the web page, similar to the way Chat options available on some web pages are displayed?

Hi Michael,

In OutSystems UI, Version 1.4.0  we released the Floating Actions Pattern. I hope it can help you.

My Regards

Hi Hasani Girod,

Did you get any solution for your question? I need to implement the same widget in platform 10 (web app) and I can't found any quick solution for the problem.

I really appreciate any suggestion, thanks.

Best regards.

Hi Gabriel,

Yes i had to write some java script in a web block to do it.

Butt now there is a component on OutSystems UI to do this. It works quite fine.

Hi Hasani,

I did the same as you did. The widget that you mentioned only is available in Outsystems 11 with the new OutsystemsUI (old SilkUI).

Thanks for your attention and reply.

Best regards.