web block loop detected in common/menuIcon

Hi, Im very new to coding and outsystems environment. Im using outsystems 10. and i have the environment in cloud.While trying to add Bottom bar menu in my silk UI Mobile theme I get this 'web block loop detected in common/menuIcon. 

I also get the same thing when I try to add menu bar to my hamburger or main menu in the header area. Could anyone please tell whats wrong? and what should I do to put both menu and bottombar working ?



By default, all new screens come with the MenuIcon block in place, it simply triggers the Menu to open, which is already a part of the Layout.

To add menu links, double click on the Menu Block in the Common Flow and add links to the PageLinks container:

The BottomBar Block is also available by default in the bottom area of the layout, but it's empty.

To add items to the bottom bar, double click on it and drag BottomBarItems:


HI thank you for replying.  i have added "button group"  wedget in my bottom bar with icons , i have selected an 'event ' 'on click' for each button and given it a 'handler' where i have created a new screen for it to open that is when button is clicked. it wont do anything. could you please guide where i went wrong. Im very new to out systems so explaination will be a great help.