[Drag And Drop Mobile] Is drag and drop can also be sortable?

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Published on 2018-12-20 by Labs
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Published on 2018-12-20 by Labs

Hi, nice component...

Can you also add jquery sortable support for this component?


Hi Harlin.

If I were you I wouldn't use jQuery Sortable in P10 mobile. Using it together with React can give you problems and is kind of a waste because you can implement that only with Javascript to get all the capabilities of the platform and getting a better performance.

Hello Harlin,

Thank you for the feedback.

I wouldn't recommend the use of jQuery in P10 Mobile, as Gonçalo Martins said.

We are analyzing the possibility to implement the sortable feature interacting with lists using only vanilla Javascript.

Best regards,

Glauber Corrêa

Great, I will be waiting for the great news...



Hello Harlin,

Sorry for the long wait, but finally we have good news: Sort is here.

The new version we just released (v2.0.0) allows you to have Sortable Items and also to force a long press before start dragging your items.

Thank you for your patience and let us know if these new features help you.




Wow, great news... 

It will surely helps a lot...