How to add calculated expressions in a list record based upon a simple query?

Sometimes, the results of a simple query are not enought to show in a list record.
What if you need an extra column as being (column1 - column2)? Or a default string value when a column is null (like «no data»)?

Solution I: 1. Create an advanced query mirrored from the simple query, 2. add the extra column (column1 - column2), 3. Create a structure mirrored from the output of the simple query, plus the extra field, 4. Set the advanced query as the source for the list record widget (, 5. Ufff!!)

Solution II: 1. Use your simple query, 2. Add a column in list record widget with an expression like: RecordList.List.current.ENTITY.ColumnA - RecordList.List.current.ENTITY.ColumnB (or "no data", for the second example).

It is really easier, don't you think so?
Just great!