Charts for Mobile

Hello all,

i've previously cloned epaces such as Mobile Patterns to make certain widgets better fit my needs, and now i have the same need with the Bar Chart. Basically i want it to show not only 1 value per label, but rather 3, so you would have something like this:

The problem is that, unlike Mobile Patterns, i can't seem to clone and refit the ChartsMobile. 

So is there a way to make a clone of it and modify it, or do i have to create a component from scratch? 

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Bruno Gonçalves

Hi Bruno,

The (Mobile) Charts are actually quite flexible under the hood, i'm pretty sure you can implement what you need by passing it a JSON AdvancedFormat.

Check for an example of configuration you need in order to display three bars like you show.