Generated code
Is it possible to view the generated code by the aplication?
Yes, it is possible to view the eSpace generated code.

Be aware that if you change the generated source code you loose the ability to use Service Studio to continue developing using the altered version. Unlike traditional code generation tools, the OutSystems Hub Edition platform focuses on the full software development life cycle. Developers will not be trapped in a first-time straightforward wizard that, in the end, turns out to be very difficult to maintain and modify.

Even so, we provide the generated code because we acknowledge the advantages of the transparency gained by opening the source.

To see the source code you need to:
1 – In Service Center go to Edit eSpace page
2 – Check Enable Debug checkbox
3 – Compile and Publish your eSpace
4 – Access the Development Hub Server file system and go to C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Hub Server\running\eSpaceName\

Keep in mind that this process should only be done in development servers. If you’re using a remote server, you’ll not be allowed to access the code. Instead, use a local development server if there is a real need to look at the generated code.

The code is optimized for performance and scalability, and even though this code is generated automatically VS.Net can be used to indent the code to provide enhanced readability.
What is the language of the generated code?
C#, C/C++, Java or other?
OutSystems Hub Edition Compiler generates an ASP.NET Web Application project that can be opened with Microsoft Visual Studio.
The project contains all the required files to run on its own (*.cs, *.asmx, *.aspx , web.config, images, javascript, stylesheets). All the code is written in C#.
The generated files are human readable and include comments that explain the relation between the Service Studio objects and the generated code.

Is this possible with all editions / licences of the platform? I've done above steps but don't see source code files (*.cs, *.asmx).

Kind regards,
Matthias Preuter
Hello Matthias,

You're looking at "old news" :)

Check the post by Pedro Carrilho entitled "Detach OutSystems applications" posted on the 4th of this month.

Anyway, to get the source you need to go to the eSpace in Service Center em press the "download source" button, it works in the community edition, so I guess it works in any edition.

Found the code, it is not stored in:

C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Hub Server\running\eSpaceName\

but in:

C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Center\share\eSpaceName\full
After clicking on the "download source" button, it will be in the \clean folder, not the \full folder; anyway, there's no need to have server or file system permissions since after the source is generated with a solution file etc. there's also a "dowload" button to get everything nicely packed into a single zip file.

More agile ;)

It's definitely more Agile, but.... in 4.1 there is no "download source" button.... At least, i can't find it.

Thanks for your help,
You've got me there... I have 4.2 (community) and simply click "factory", then any eSpace, and then I get 6 buttons: "open in browser", "download published version", "redeploy published version", "download source", "disable espace" and "delete espace".

Maybe you need an upgrade?

I have Service Center version and I can't see the button Download Source Code.
(see attachment)
Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you!


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