Lifetime makes a mess of version numbering

If you forget to tag your version lifetime does some automatic tagging but ignores the fact i'm using a x.x.x versioning and just creates a x.x+1 version, as llifetime prohibits creating next version with lower number my versioning system gets screwed up :-(, if its not possible to use a 3 number system, just don't deploy when the user didn't tag a new version, also versioning of the mobile apps gets it all wrong, it says it has a + version on the test server, even when I just deployed a new version from dev. 

Also anybody has a idea how to change the version numbers so I can get it right again ? 

Hi Wim.

About decreasing the version number, I think that it is not possible. But for future deploys, be aware that LifeTime does not automatically creates a new tag unless you select an option "Tag & Deploy". Also when using this option you can edit the tag you edit and customize this tag.

About mobile version, there is an help topic that can help you to understand why there is a plus (+) in you application:

  • The application name was changed;
  • The entry module or its name was changed;
  • The application icon was replaced;
  • The main color of the application was changed;
  • Mobile plugins were modified, added or removed;
  • The configurations for a mobile platform was changed.