Different times Platform Server and running app 

Different times Platform Server and running app 


Dear Community,

My Company Outsystems server is located in Asia but the application is used in Europe.

Among other things, the app sends mails. Because Asia is in a time zone +6 hours than Europe, if a mail is send after 18:00 in Europe, the date of the mail is from next day.

How to solve this?  My first idea was to use the function AddHours with -6, but where the server is doesn't have daylight savings, which means we have to change the code twice a year.

Shall I use the Time zone module from forge? If so, how? Or use Site Properties? If so, how?

Any suggestions?


Hi Jorge,

I'm assuming that you cannot change the timezone on this server.

You can use the action 'ConvertFromTimeZone' passing in the server's timezone and the timezone the application is running (ideally a site property to be able to change on the fly). This should handle all the conversion for you.

I am not positive about the daylight savings, but I am pretty sure this handles the daylight savings as well, but you would need to do some testing.