Deploying/hosting Applications

Hi, i want to deploy my web app and a mobile app on the server on my domain that i have created under service studio of Out-Systems, i am not able to understand how to deploy application to a server, As i am using free forever license so please tell me step by step process to deploy my created application on my server that is "".

Thank you 


Hi Adarsh,

From your request I need to get some things clear in order to be able to answer it.

  • Is the server on your domain an OutSystems environment?
  • What do you mean with a free forever license? The OutSystems Personal environment?

Just to try to answer your question based on assumptions, I would say the following.

You have a domain somewhere called and you have a personal environment with OutSystems called

You have to create a subdomain on called for instance and redirect this in your DNS to This way your applications will be visible on the domain

If you really need the apps to be available through, you need to update your www DNS record and redirect it to your outsystems cloud environment. Be aware that your non-OS server is then no longer available using the domainname.

Hope this answers your question, otherwise let me know.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga