How to see the email templates output.

Hi,I create on e email template in outsystem.

I created this email template in email section. but i don't know how to check this emailer.Please help me in this problem...

Want to give perticular css for this emailer

Hi bharat,

If you want to test an e-mail, it's easiest to write a short test screen that allows you to send the e-mail to a specified e-mail account, so you can check it (in various mailing programs, if you want to do it properly).

As for the CSS, since you probably don't want to have all the Theme CSS coming with the e-mail, you could either put the E-mail in a seperate e-mail with a seperate e-mail Theme, or you could put the E-mail in a seperate Flow, and set the Flow's Theme property to your e-mail theme.