Can't refresh widget on recordlist more than 1


Why I can't refresh the quantity input before the last row ?

Let's say I have a record list that contains 3 rows data.

1. I want to add the quantity of Adventuros product, but nothing happened. But if I try to add quantity of the last row, which is Whiskas, it success.

2. The other weird things, when I already add quantity Whiskas to 3, I tried to add again Adventuros, it suddenly become 3 and same price as Whiskas.

Please kindly help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi tBt,

I will assume the following:

1. The input box variable is connected to a FIELD (I'll call it Quantity) in the Current of the list of the Record List in the screen.
2. The Quantity is an expression connected to a FIELD (I'll call it TotalPrice) in the Current of the list of the Record List in the screen
3. The button + or - have the method set to AJAX SUBMIT. 

When you click the + (for example), what you have to do is:

a) Increase the OrderTempListRecords.List.Current.Quantity plus 1.
b)Calculate the total price and update the OrderTempListRecords.List.Current.TotalPrice
c) Do an AjaxRefresh of the List Record in the screen, defining the Row Number property in the ajax refresh to be the value in the OrderTempListRecords.List.CurrentRowNumber.

If you do this, it will work (I made a simple example myself and it worked).

If you are not connecting the input box and expression to the fields in the current of the list of the Record List, or if you are doing an ajax refresh without setting the row number, probably things will not work as expected.

Are you doing something different?

Eduardo Jauch


Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for your advice. Now it's working.

What I miss is to AJAX refresh with the currentrownumber as an input to the action.