We are looking to improve our current iteration of tracking and reporting on change requests.  We use the ECT to get the screen shot but ECT doesn't record the user ID (only username) with ECT's which can be problematic with multi-tenant.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Jason,

It is not even possible to open the ECT_Provider in which the feedback entity is where the user data is stored.

One work-around I can come up with is that you use different names (username, email or full name) of the user in the different tenants since all three elements of the user are stored in the feedback entity. This way you will be able to check the different tenants the user was it.

Another work-around is that you put the name of the tenant somewhere in the header and you can see in the screendump which tenant was active at the time the ECT feedback was created.

I'm afraid that there are no other solutions right now.

If those options didn't help, you could always place a request in the ideas section to request your new functionality for the ECT.

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga