[Image Utils Mobile] Problem resizing images on android 4.4
Forge component by Harlin Setiadarma
Published on 06 Nov 2019

Hi guys,

I'm trying to use 'Image Utils Mobile' but it doesn't work with android 4.4. Does anyone have an alternative to this component that works with this version or know a client-side alternative?

Best regards.

Please provide screenshot and description about it.

This component used html5 canvas javascript codes.

Did you use outsystems now, apk or web preview?

Try web preview on Chrome browser on your device: https://harlin.outsystemscloud.com/PreviewInDevices/?IsMobilePreview=True&DeviceName=Smartphone&URL=/ImageUtilsMobile_Sample/Upload

Or use Outsystems Now and enter this URL:


Alternatively, you can open web preview above on laptop, then scan qrcode there with Outsystems Now. 

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I'll gather all the information that could help debugging this issues and then I'll update my reply.

Just a quick info, I used apk and already detected some issues with android 4.4 regarding javascript execution or html5, for example, swipe event isn't detected.

Best regards.

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the sample applications works perfectly, but the when using the component in a native IOS application build, it doesn't work, don't get any error message, when tried to debug, when reach the resize action it just ignore the action and the debug stops responding!

Hi, I didn't have ios device so I cannot test it thoroughly. 

I think you should try to turn off gradual resize.

It's either on resize parameter (I forgot), or on my resize javascript node (you have to open my component's espace/module).

Some people gave me feedback that it worked in ios.