For cycle problem

Hi there!

We have a very strange problem. We are developing a webservice that begins by resetting a property of an entity (setting it to a predefined value). After the for cycle, every entity has this property reset, except for one. The record affected is different each time.

Can anybody give any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

To better understand your problem we need to look inside the oml where this has been detected.

An easy way to call for help is to Submit Feedback directly from Service Studio using the menu Help\Submit Feedback.
A form will pop up for you to explain the problem and you’ll find a check box - Attach OML to submission.
This will provide us more information about the problem (Service Studio version and the file you are working on), enabling us to trace the problem faster and help you better.

These support issues will have greater priority than posts in Forums, which are mainly used to share knowledge and tips.

Thank you very much.
I was making a terrible mistake. It was indeed a badly designed flow.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.