[Camera Plugin] Take video is crashing on IOS 10

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Published on 2018-11-13 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2018-11-13 by OutSystems R&D

Hi supporter,

I applied the Camera plugin to my project to post Video on my app. 

The app work well on Android and some IOS version. But It crashed on IOS 10. Please help me to check if there's any issue with the Camera plugin. 


Thang Nguyen

Hello Thang.

The Camera plugin only exposes a client action to "TakePicture". How are you using that to do video?


Dear César,

Sorry, this should be a question in wrong Force. 

In this case, I use the default File Upload for selecting video, and I  selected supported video for that upload file. 

I think there's should some related to camera plugin. 

Anyway, do you have any issue when you try to take video on mobile apps?


Thang Nguyen 

Hello, Thang,

As we discussed on our support case, this appears to be related with the microphone usage description not being included on your generated mobile app, which in turn makes it crash when it is needed.

As a workaround, you can reference the Audio Record plugin, which already includes this description, and re-generate your mobile app. No need to actually use the actions on your app, just referencing it will do.

In the meantime, we will discuss this behavior internally to determine the best way to tackle this.

Best regards,

Carlos Simões