Changing Button Text - Bold/Underline (aka Shortcuts)


I would like to know if it's possible to change the way button text appears.  We are trying to implement shortcut keys, and we have it working, but there is no indication on the screen of what shortcuts are available.  We would like to change the text of the button from "Save" to "Save".

Anyone else run across this issue?

Hi Steven,

You may want to consider using links styled like buttons instead of real buttons to accomplish that. With links you can control the text style.

Ana Reis

You can also do that with buttons with some css tags like font-weight:bold and text-decoration:underline that you can put on a css class or in the extended properties.

Hi Steven,

i think below snippet may be useful to you

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Hello Steven.

I think the best approach would be what Ana suggested, not have a button but have a link instead. You can use the Button class, and it will make it look like a regular button.. almost. Anyway, I usually just need to override the text color, because the links get assigned a distinct text color globally.

That being said, you can style sections of the text inside the link individually, using the bold and underline tools just like any other text.

Having the link to respond to the shortcut key is a lot trickier...