How to find the espaces using a particular user table in SQL Server ?


Is there anyway to know all the espaces which are using a particular table ?

I need my espace to use the table with ID 603 but it is using the ID 733. How do i change this in my espace ?

HI Ravi ,

You can get this information in Ossys_Espace_Entity.Also This not a good practice to change the entity id in background , You must have deleted one and than republished your espace due to which now you have two entities and there will be only one active which is being used.

Is there any difference in these two tables?



Hi Pramod

Thanks for your reply. I renamed one espace (A) and added new espace (B) with the same name as espace A. I wanted to reuse the data in espace A. After i renamed espace (A) I deployed the renamed espace from Dev to Qa. After deploying the new renamed espace, the platform created different tables and it is not using the same tables present in old espace A.

How do we make the platform use the tables originally present in espace A rather than the new tables it created after deploying renamed espace (A)

To make the things clear here is what i have done:


Application 1  has Espace 'A'.

Created new Application 2 with Espace 'B'.

Moved Espace 'B' to Application 1.

Rename 'A' to 'ACore'

Rename 'B' to 'A'

Now I am not seeing the same data in old A. How to make espace 'Acore' to reference the same data in old espace 'A' ?

Please let me know.


HI Ravi,

The entities are tightly associated with the espace you published and you cannot change them to use any specific , this all controlled by the platform . to solve your problem what you can do is if you do not have much data you can simply export that data and import it to new entities.

On more important thing , you can create the synonyms for the entities to give them a proper name .

For ex, if you have a entity name osusr_39u_Customer , you can simply create a synonym [Customer]  for this table and use this name for testing your query in any db client.




Thanks Pramod for your reply. Finally i ended up doing the same thing. Exporting is little difficult if we have to export multiple tables with varying attributes. 

Hi Ravi,

Good to hear that you solved the problem .Keep posting in community for any suggestion\help :)