Hi there,

Are there any plans on implementing Objects? That would be a seperate entity with some behaviour that could be feeded as a seperate data type, etc.


To solve complexity and encapsulation problems we're developing, in the next version, mechanisms to create composite applications using several interconnected eSpaces. This will be accomplished sharing several elements (entities, actions, structures, etc...), marking them as public. These dependencies will be swiftly checked improving on the built-to-change concepts we advocate.

Object oriented architectures have been praised for several years as the solution for all complexity problems, but the fact is that complexity has only grown. Although we don't like to embrace in techno hype, the road we're taking is a combination of the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) approaches everyone is talking about and the object/component oriented classic approach.

So, in fact, you'll be able to have an espace that has an entity and its related actions. And you'll be able to use it them other eSpaces.

We'll disclose more details about the next release features soon.

Thank you very much.