how to change css for email template

hi all,

I want to change the css for email template which is created in email section of my application.I am not able to inspect elements of that template.How should i change the css for email template.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Bharat,

I assume you have created a UI Flow for all your emails, and set its Theme to the Web Patterns' Email theme.
For this post's purposes let's say it is called "Emails".

If you just want to change the CSS for a specific Email, you can just double-click on the Email to open its Editor, and then click on the CSS button in the toolbar. There you can add CSS definitions for the current Email (only the leftmost tab - corresponding to the current Email - will be editable). 

If you want to apply common CSS to all your Emails, you can create your own Theme, and set its Base Theme to the Web Patterns' Email theme (let's call the new Theme MyEmail). Click on the "Emails" UI Flow, and in the Properties pane, change the Theme property from Email to MyEmail.
Now if you open the CSS editor in an Email, you will be able to edit the CSS in the leftmost tab (current Email's Style Sheet) and in the second leftmost tab (labeled MyEmail, Style Sheet shared by all Emails in the UI Flow).

Hope this helps!

Hi Bharat,

I think you already created UI for your email, now you can use any of rich text editor at your page. It will allows you to make customise Html.

Hope this work for you.

Thanks for reply. 

@Jorge Martins i tried your solutions but it works only on gmail but if i open emailer on outlook it doesn't work.

Plz share for outlook...for normal email templates we use css for different platform like below.

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

<!--[if gte mso 9]>
    <style type='text/css'>
    /* Your Outlook-specific CSS goes here. */
padding-top:20px !important;
   border-collapse: separate !important;
   border-spacing: 0px 8px !important;


Is there any way like this implement css for outlook only....

and thanks to @Narendra Maheshwari. I didn't get your solutions..should i use html n jquery blocks from ouytsystem?