Using Custome1 property in SMS


We are developing an application that sends SMSs to subscribers. We are using the Custome1 property to send the ID of the broadcast (to identify it in the reply). However, when the user replies the Custome1 property is null.

Then we thougth to use the message ID to identifiy the broadcast. But again the MessageID that was sent to the subscriber is not the MessageID of the reply (neither the OriginalMessageID)

Is there a way to send a parameter in a SMS and receiving it when a subscriber replies the SMS?

We send in attach, a printscreen of the logs regarding the scenario described above.

King regards,

Nuno Araújo
Technically there is no way to do it in SMS.
The only way to keep track of SMS message response flow is to save the MSISDN (mobile phone number).
This is what is used to keep sessions in interactive SMS flows.
You can use a Start iSMS Node to do this.

Hope this helps.