Tab Index - Menu vs Form (using the same tab index)

Hi Community,

I'm having a little issue regarding tab index

1 - I have a page with a generic form;

2 - The menu on the page is generated dynamically;

3 - When filling the form, tabbing from input to the next one, in some instance it jumped to a menu item instead of the next input;

4 - Inspected the page elements and verified that the menu item is using the same tab index number of the input it was supposed to select;

5 - From what I knew, the platform generates automatically the tab index of the elements. Since I'm not forcing the menu items neither the form inputs to have a specific tab index, does anyone knows why it is repeating tab index number?

Thanks in advance for your help,
Best Regards,
Paulo Zacarias


Hello Paulo,

I don't know "why" this is happening.

But a possible solution/workaround would be to set the TabIndex property of the menu entries through the Extended Properties to a value bigger than the values in the inputs.

This way the TAB's between the inputs would work as expected.

Hope this help.


Eduardo Jauch


Hello Paulo Zacarias,

as I can see you already have a solution for this,

but anyway are you using ajax refresh in the process of filling your information? between the tabs?

what I guess its happening, cause I had the same issue,  is that you are refreshing parts of your screen that contains only a certain kind of textboxes and the tab index of those get messed,

Check that out trying for example refreshing the whole container that has the form to see if they are correct after that,

Good Luck

Vincent Colpa