Contact Plugin : How can we retrieve all Local contacts from a native mobile?

Hi All,

I'm trying to retrieve all the Local contacts (in bulk) from native mobile db and display the result as a list in mobile app. How do I approach to this problem.
I tried with client action "FindContact" (Part of ContactsPlugin) but I'm not able to get any data.
Can someone please share any information here?



Hi John Snow,

In order to retrieve all the contacts from your mobile db:

 - Add "FindContact" - set the Multiple Contacts to true, and the search parameter to "" ( action from the "ContactsPlugin") 

- Append all the results to a local variable that have the same type of the structure you are fetching. 

- Use the "List Append All" in order to append the data fetched and use that variable to display the records on the screen using a "ListGroup" widget:

You can have this logic on  "On Ready" action of the screen or you can set up a button to trigger the execution of this action.

Hope this helps!